Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Welcome to the world Gwendolyn

Today at 2:10 PM Gwendolyn Daisy Greene was born to my brother and sister-in-law, Josh and Nichole. This means that I'm an uncle for the fifth time. Big sister Chloe liked the idea of having a baby sister right away, but it took Sorren a while to warm up to the idea. He wanted a baby brother. When we went to see her he decided baby sisters weren't to bad. This also means it is the first Greene family to have two girls in a row for at least three generations.

Here's the proud father with his newest daughter.

and here's Gwendolyn Daisy.


Anonymous the 'please get my coat' girl said...

i thought i should post something as the arrival of a new baby seems quite significant and should be commented on- she is quite cute and quite looks like nichole and i was quite right- you didn't think i would only say it once did you isaac- that i said she would be a girl and i was right : )
p.s. i will make up for this smug arrogance and be nice to you later

12:19 AM


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