Sunday, October 30, 2005

slumber parties are not meant for sleeping

Since the basketball season is almost here we decided to have a party. but not just any ordinary party. about 6:30 P.M. the guests arrived, some guys from the team and the assistant coach(he's actually the assistant of the assistant but let that go). they came over to watch basketball movies, in bulk. we started with Michael Jordan, come fly with me, an all time classic. then in succession, Michael Jordan to the MAX, Greatest finals moments of all time, Pistol Pete, Dazzling Dunks and Basketball Bloopers 1. , Dazzling Dunks and Basketball Bloopers 2. , Like Mike and finally Wallace and Gromit, A Close Shave, don't ask what Wallace and Gromit have to do with basketball. after five pizzas, four bags of popcorn, cake, ice cream and ten liters of soda, we were pretty wired or juiced as my friend scraper(nickname). you might wonder how long it takes to eat drink and what that much stuff, about eleven hours. we started at 6:45 P.M. do the math and we went to sleep at about 5:45 A.M. of course not all of us made it that long. the assistant assistant coach left at about 2:30 which wasn't to bad considering he woke up at quarter of three the morning before. they dropped off about one an hour until it was the devoted four. the next morning we woke up at about 11:00 and went down to the park and played basketball about two and a half hours. all in all it was a pretty fun night.


Blogger caleb greene said...

i think we did it the right way.

8:33 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

That is SWEET! I love those kind of parties.

5:19 PM


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